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Death of Superman- How Superman died.

Resurrection of Superman- How Superman cheated death.

Superman's new powers- Superman's electrifying change in powers.

Superman red & blue- How Superman was split in two.

Superman trying to protect the world- Why Superman dedicates his life to saving the world.

Death of Superman

Superman die? How can Superman possibly Die? No way! Well, If you already didn't know, he did. But how? you might ask. By a creature named Doomsday. Doomsday practically indestructable and his power is unmatched. He started to wreak havok, destroying everything in his path. Then theJLA came by to intervene(by the way, the JLA really sucked back then). When they got beaten to a pulp Superman decided to help out.They entered into a brutal slug fest. As they entered Metropolis Superman did everything he could to save the city he loved. He was finally able to defeat Doomsday, but not without taking his own life.

Ressurection of Superman

If Superman died then how come he is still in comics? Simple, all he did was a simple act of ressurection. While the Reign of Supermen was going on, the Eradicator came by to bring Superman back to life. When Superman was finally brought alive he suited up and went after The Cyborg. The Cyborg had blown up Coast City(it later led to Hal Jordan's insanity) so the JLA and Superman went after him. Even though Superman was nearly powerless he was still able to kick some cyborg ass.

Superman's new powers

In 1997, Superman went through a huge change, He got new costume and powers. The powers were energy based and the costume was without a cape, light blue and had a futuristic look. The new powers had pros and cons. For instance, when he wanted to change into Clark Kent all he had to do was phase back(instead of having to search for a telephone booth) but when he was in Clark Kent form he was powerless and could get hurt as if human. He had his new powers for about a year until he went back to his old ones in the comic book: Superman Forever.

Superman red & blue

You would think that getting all new powers and a costume would be enough. That's not what the writers of Superman thought. During the time that Superman had his new powers The Cyborg and the Toyman decided to pay him a visit. They put Superman in this weird contraption intending on destroying him but instead it split him in two. One was red and one was blue. They both had the same memory but their personalities differed. The good thing about the two Supermen is that their power's each were no less. This meant trying to save the world was a little easier.

Superman trying to protect the world

Superman has always had the power to control the world and he has done just that. Superman started experiencing dreams that became reality. Realizing that he could do more than protect Metropolis, he started protecting the world. This soon led to Superman's mad power of control. The JLA tried to stop him, even kill him, but Superman was too strong. It turned out out that Dominus was the cause for Superman's strange behaviour.

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